Our Promises

Our promises

  1. We promise to love your child completely and unconditionally.
  2. We promise to instill values of honesty, integrity, faith, love and kindness.
  3. We promise our home will be a happy, safe, stable, nurturing home where your child will feel secure.
  4. We promise we will laugh and be silly and spend lots of time playing because we all grow up to fast.
  5. We promise we will teach forgiveness and will show patience.
  6. We promise we will make sure your child has the best education.
  7. We promise we will provide loving guidance so your child grows up to be a good and loving person.
  8. We promise we will read to your child regularly.
  9. We will respect our child’s individuality and encourage them to pursue the goals and interests that make them unique

Raising a child is the most important thing we will ever do. We are determined to raise our child in a loving, stable home that emphasizes the importance of family, education and social responsibility. Thank you for taking time to learn about our family. Take care and know that we’re ready when you are.


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