Why are you adopting?

We both want to be parents, and we want to grow our family together. We also have both worked in non-profits for a long time and have seen the need for good adoptive parents. We are so excited about these next steps!

Did you choose to adopt because of infertility?

No, we can have our own bio children – but we are not going to. Since we are in a same gender marriage we will never just get knocked up, and instead of going the turkey baster route we have decided we want to adopt since there are so many children waiting for their forever families.

What is the process:?

There is an orientation, paperwork, interviewing, paperwork, 12 weeks of classes, paperwork, home study, and then we are paper pregnant! At that point we will begin to work with our caseworker on finding a child who is a good fit for our home. We could have baby Sneed-Dupps as early as May – we will see!

Are you adopting an infant?

Our age range is 0-6 months.

Will the child have behavioral issues? 

It is possible, but we believe that love and structure will help our child know they are safe. We also will be utilizing all the resources around us to provide our child the best chances and opportunities. And most children in foster care waiting for adoption are amazing kids who have had a hard break in life.

How can we help? 

You make up the wonderful world that will one day be our child’s new reality, and you can help make his reality great by just continuing to be the loving and amazing you! We are also registered at Target and Babies ‘R Us 🙂


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