Dapper Lad


Our baby boy has his first bowties – he is going to be a dapper lad that is for sure!

We have been buying furniture and art for his nursery, which if you have met us it is a process! We are both so opinionated about design and color schemes – and throw Aunt Abby into the mix and you have a debate challenge over a fitted sheet for the crib. It is AMAZING! We are loving ever second, ever debate – because when discussing these things we just look at each other and when our eyes meet we smile and laugh. We are going to be parents and we are overjoyed and terrified!


Adoption High’s and Low’s

We started PSMAPP (foster/adopt class) three weeks ago, there have been highs and lows.

This process has brought us so much closer as a couple, we have to have conversations about all the details of our lives. We have discussed our childhoods, our past relationships and everything in between. We felt like we had great communication before, but when you have to fill out stacks and stacks of paperwork about every moment of your life Р you learn a lot about your partner and yourself.

We have had some people not react with the same enthusiasm as we are feeling, it is hard to hear. We have faith that they will get there and be amazing supports to us and our child. On the other end of the spectrum we have had amazing support and love.

During our process Arizona has decided that until the Supreme Court rules on Marriage we are single in terms of our child. Yes, this is unconstitutional, it is also a stab in the heart. Because of this we have had to do most of our paperwork over again, it is frustrating.

It is amazing the daily conversations that we have about our future, our child and just about everything. We are blessed to be adopting because it is allowing us to discuss every aspect of being parents, being spouses, being humans Рand our feelings on all those. We are just amazingly blessed, we have such an amazing support system of love and we are overjoyed to bring a child into our home.