About Kelley & Meg


It started on a winter Sunday — and by the next Friday we knew. Don’t ask how, we just knew that we wanted to spend a lot of time together. By the warmth of spring, we had a feeling, if not many feelings, but a feeling of being a better we, more than just an I. This was more than just a passing fling, this was so much more, this was love.

And then there was that moment — that spontaneous summer day when Meg said “yes” before Kelley finished asking the question in her kneeling plea.

We woke up feeling different that windy October morning, one of those dreamy California ones where the surf is perfect for early morning surfers and lazy beach walking. It took all of 15 minutes to make it legal near the ridiculously picturesque Table Top Beach.

Together we have laughed, we have loved and we have grown into a little family with our two fur babies. Though we always wanted something more, we want to be parents. We want to grow our family together through adoption and share our love.

About Kelley by Meg:


Kelley is kind hearted, fun-loving and affectionate. Kelley has taught me to let go and enjoy life and trust my intuition. These qualities along with my having witnessed Kelley’s presence with children leave me with no doubt that Kelley will be a fantastic parent, providing for our child’s needs while making a great time of it.

There are so many things I love about Kelley. Kelley’s sharp sense of humor complements mine so well. Kelley has a love of teaching children about the wonders of the world, and you can see how each and every child matters to Kelley. Kelley is an amazingly creative person, who loves telling stories that entertain adults and children alike. Most of all, I love how Kelley is my other half who helps me make it through life’s challenges. Together, I am certain we will raise an amazing child.

About Meg by Kelley:


Meg is a dynamic, smart and driven person. She is incredibly kind, loving and has a great sense of humor. It is clear when Meg is with her niece and nephew (or even talks about them) she lights up. In her professional and volunteer roles, she has been an advocate for children and has always worked to ensure kids were safe so they could thrive.

When I met Meg, we set out to change the world. Then I realized she was my world and that together, we could create a world where our child could succeed. Meg’s compassion and protective nature make her a natural mama bear and I look forward to our lives as parents as we expand our family.

About Wilson and Lincoln


Wilson came into Kelley’s life nearly 11 years ago at the age of 8 weeks old. Wilson grew up in Washington, DC until he and his human moved to Phoenix 5 years ago. Wilson, named after Kelley’s grandparents, is a sweet natured pug who loves to snuggle and to have his picture taken. Wilson is very patient; especially with his younger brother, Lincoln.

Lincoln was rescued by Kelley 3 years ago in Phoenix at the age of 8 weeks. While Wilson is laid back and chill, Lincoln wants attention and is regularly found snuggling on someone’s lap. Lincoln is the youngest and smallest dog in the house, but he definitely thinks he runs the world and everyone should obey him.

Ollie (short for Oliver) is Aunt Abby’s dog and Lincoln’s BFF. Ollie believes that he too is a pug, although he’s a little bigger than The Pugs. He’s a big softie and regularly entertains Lincoln.


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