Our Adoption Adventure


To our dearest, most darling friends and family,

If we could, we would take each and every one of you out for coffee to share with you some exciting news in our lives, but alas … that just isn’t possible.  Instead, we’d like to invite you to grab a mug of your favorite hot drink and find a comfy chair, and imagine we are tucked in the corner of some cozy little coffee shop as we invite you to celebrate with us in a new chapter for our little family.

Why, thank you.  Meg  will have a tall diet coke, and Kelley would like a black coffee.  Now where were we?  Oh yes, our exciting news.  The reason we wanted to chat with you is to let you know that we are adopting!

This is not the start of our journey towards a family. We have been traveling down this road for over a year – it has been a winding road and one with many twists and curves.

For Meg, being a mother was always something in life’s plan. For Kelley the desire to be a parent came much later in life, but by the time our paths crossed it was clear we both wanted the same thing. To be parents, together.

We initially planned to have biologically children with Meg as the carrier; because of past cancer treatments it would not be a walk in the park for Meg to get pregnant. Together we spent a lot of time going through the options of having a biological child versus adoption.

We spent many months researching adoption; it was a pretty unfamiliar territory for both of us. Our learning curve was steep, and so faced with something that both thrilled and scared us we did what we do – we wanted to learn all we could about it.

We went to information sessions, we read about it and we learned and soaked it all in. We soaked in the stories of children in Arizona who are sleeping in CPS offices because there are no beds. Not just teenagers – but the whole spectrum from infant to almost 18. In Arizona we found out that there are over 17,000 foster children, these children deserve families and we know we can be one of those families.

We really took a lot of time to provide thorough consideration to our future family. After much thought and self-examination we both came to the same conclusion – we wanted to adopt. All of these twists and turns have left us with a wonderful consequence, we are quite conscious of why and how much we want to be parents.

How are you doing?  Coffee still hot and delicious?  Good, because this is where the fun begins!

Alright, now that you are caught up on the “what” and the “why”, let’s talk about the “how”.  We have begun working with an Arizona adoption agency that has been wonderful in answering all of our adoption-newbie questions and pointing us in the right direction to begin.

We have filled out piles and piles of paperwork, done multiple interviews and are now in the process of taking a 12 week parenting class. We have had deep and thoughtful conversations about who our child will be. Age, gender, behaviors and special needs – we originally were going to adopt a toddler but after our first couple classes we realized that we wanted a younger child.

What we know right now is that most of the waiting children that will be a good match for us will be a  0-6 month baby, so that is what we are anticipating.  We also know that although the timeline and the process is different for every child that there are countless (17,000) children waiting for families here in Arizona. We will be “paper pregnant” in  early May and we could have baby Sneed-Dupps very soon after!

As our friends and family, you make up the wonderful world that will one day be our child’s new reality, and we can’t wait for him to meet you!

Thanks for the coffee date,

Meg & Kelley


7 thoughts on “Our Adoption Adventure

  1. OMG. congrats to you both. I am sooooo happy for you both you are both such great individuals and I believe you will both be great parents. And I send you much love and happiness on your new adventure. Love you both bunches.


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